Dinner at The Coach and Horses

Update: The Coach and Horses has closed due to retirement.

I suddenly, for no discernible reason, had a hankering for good old fish and chips and remembered that The Coach and Horses did such a thing. However, only on Fridays…which it wasn’t. So homemade steak pie, mash and veggies it was.

The Coach and Horses was, for many years, located in calle Cristo/Almirante Ferrandis/Post Office street, opposite El Pulguilla, and was always popular. It then moved, for short time, further up the street before moving again to calle El Barrio. I would say that it is now more eatery than bar due to the premises themselves.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my steak pie (and pint of Amstel). The pie itself was very tasty, the meat tender and pastry fairly crisp. The carrots were nicely al dente and the peas were, well, peas. The only thing I would say that was not quite up to scratch, for me anyway, was the mash. Not bad, but since I watched a cookery programme (can’t remember which one) and learned how to make beautiful, creamy mash every single time, I have become somewhat spoilt. Something with the consistency of the mash but can’t put my finger on it…as it were.

steak pie and mash

Service was good, the terrace was nice and I enjoyed my meal and ate every morsel.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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