Old Coastal Defensive Towers

The Torre de Torrecilla, located at the end of Torrecilla beach, is, to say the least, a ‘bit of a ruin’. There have been plans – for decades – to try and renovate the tower, but so far none have come anywhere near to fruition.

This former stronghold was built to protect the workers in the nearby San Antonio Abad sugar mill during the XVI century. It was bombarded by the English in 1812.

Nerja tower

However, in the relatively short distance between Nerja and Torre del Mar, there are no fewer than five of these ancient defensive watchtowers. The towers were generally built in the 15th century, some a little later, and were designed to keep an eye out for unwelcome ‘visitors’ from Morocco and elsewhere. The towers tend to be around 12 metres tall.

Torre de Macaca

Torre de Macaca, Nerja

The Torre de Macaca, built on a small cliff, can be seen from the N-340 as one enters Nerja near Punta Lara. This defensive tower, part of a chain of defences, was built in 1497 and is 12m. high with a circumference of 23m.

Torrox Costa

Torrox Costa

They all have, to varying degrees, been renovated or rebuilt. There are always plans to renovate more of these towers but it is a very costly and time-consuming affair – and not just the usual endless administrative and political wranglings that can take decades on occasion. Restoration is costly, as it involves using authentic masonry, either from the original tower or from another building of the same era.

El Morche

El Morche tower


Lagos tower
Lagos watchtower


Mezquetilla tower
Mezquetilla watchtower

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