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  • They’re Alive!

    They’re Alive!

    Much time and effort is put in by these artists

  • Coffee and Carrot Cake

    Coffee and Carrot Cake

    Sunny morning QuickVid and cake

  • Preset and Tweaking

    Preset and Tweaking

    Having a bit of fun with a preset

  • European Serin

    European Serin

    A very melodious and colourful bird

  • Lament


    Lamenting the loss of some former regular visitors

  • Golden Hour Nerja

    Golden Hour Nerja

    ‘Golden Hour’, as it is known, is a wonderful time of day for photos

  • Let Us Spray

    Let Us Spray

    Early morning cleaning on the Balcón de Europa, Nerja

  • Waiting For The Sun

    Waiting For The Sun

    Photos and a QuickVid of the sunrise on the Balcón de Europa this morning

  • Early Start

    Early Start

    An early start to watch the sunrise on the Balcón de Europa, Nerja

  • Dulce Casa

    Dulce Casa

    I have long thought I must get to Dulce Casa on calle Mediterraneo, Nerja

  • QuickVid Saturday

    QuickVid Saturday

    Just a short video on the Balcón de Europa, Nerja, on Saturday

  • Cafeteria El Barrio

    Cafeteria El Barrio

    Just some simple, but delicious delights on this occasion

  • Khasi Ko Jhol

    Khasi Ko Jhol

    It was time to try out a home delivery from Goa Town as it has been a while since I sampled their delights.

  • QuickVid Mena Garden

    QuickVid Mena Garden

    A sudden impulse to grab a cold drink in relaxing surroundings and maybe a spot of lunch

  • Clocking In

    Clocking In

    Rosas clocks have been around since 1881 and adorn many monuments and buildings in Andalucia, including the belltower of the iglesia El Salvador in Nerja

  • Tapas at La Tascita

    Tapas at La Tascita

    La Tascita y Rincon de Sevillanos lies at the junction of calle Cristo/Almirante Ferrandiz and calle Gloria in the centre of Nerja

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