It’s All Happening

The Día de la Cruz (Day of the Cross) – Fiesta de las Cruces (Festival of the Crosses) – Cruces de Mayo (May Cross) is a holiday celebrated on May 3rd in many parts of Spain and Hispanic America.

On the religious side, the festival is apparently rooted in the search by Byzantine Empress Saint Helena for the cross on which Jesus died. Other aspects relate to pagan traditions brought to the Iberian peninsula by the Romans.

Work could finally begin shortly to build a new restaurant on Calahonda beach in Nerja. Work would have to cease on May 31st, however, so as not to annoy summer season visitors, unless all that remained to do by then was internal (rofl), in which case it could probably continue.

coffee time

Surprised I never thought of using the rocket blower on the laptop keyboard before!!!

Bullet Train was a bit on the bizarre side, but had some good humour and is a couple of hours of enjoyable, goofy nonsense.

flipflop shower
FlipFlop Shower

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