Asador Bar…Tolo El Cañuelo

Just an initial, quick lunchtime visit to check it out after leaving the garden centre as it looked well worthy of a peek.

There is a line of connected establishments – Cerveceria Tapería El Cañuelo, Heladeria and Asador Bar…Tolo El Cañuelo – overlooking the sea in Chilches. The wind was up and the sea was quite rough, so we elected for the covered terrace area.

Asador Bar...Tolo, Chilches

There is internal seating, covered (presumably just in winter) terrace and an open terrace area. So lots of space. And plenty of parking right outside!!

Bar...Tolo El Cañuelo

The interior is well laid out, large bar area, meat display area so you can see what’s on offer – such as Finnish sashi beef, suckling pig etc – large wine selection and much more.

Enough, and friendly, attentive staff to make sure you are not kept waiting for anything. Very nice atmosphere I must say, and (numerous) repeat visits will assuredly be made to the Asador and Cerveceria sections!

Asador, Chilches

I tried some Jaen beer – El Alcázar – for the first time (I believe)…6%, very light and tasty.

Being lunchtime, I opted for one of my favourite ‘snacks’, PilPil. However, my dining companions opted for Sashi beef and a huge chunk of suckling pig which they declared to be absolutely excellent. My PilPil was very nice, with lashings of garlic and a large chilli in the sauce. The sauce was slightly different to what one might call the ‘norm’, but it was delightful and I mopped up every single drop with the warm, chiabata-style rolls.

As an overall experience, I am going to start by giving it…

Rating: 4 out of 5.