Ayo Sculpture and Plaza Cantarero

The La Nube terrace on Plaza Cantarero must be one of the best places to have morning coffee, especially when the sun is shining – which is usually most of the time.

Plaza Cantarero, Nerja

Was a little bit surprised the fountain was operating…

I am enjoying my new toy


Great fun, folds down to be portable. It has made me aware of why scooter riders, cyclists, motorbike riders and even some cars suddenly swerve/move out left on some roads – such as calle San Miguel in Nerja. The drain covers by the kerb are recessed by up to about 10 cm by the looks of it and hitting one of those would be like falling into an abyss. Why on earth so deep?

Quite impressed by the new statue/sculpture in honour of ‘Ayo’ for his contribution to the development of athletics in the area. Couldn’t tell from the press release exactly where it was, just that it was near the sports stadium. Initial thought was maybe on the roundabout up there, as they like putting statues on roundabouts. But no, it is basically in front of the skate park.

Ayo sculpture, Nerja

Bit bigger than I thought it would be, too…

Ayo, Nerja
Ayo, Nerja
Tutti Frutti sign, Nerja
Plaza Cantarero, Nerja
Nerja, Plaza Cantarero

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