Dinner at Bamboo

Booked a table at Bamboo in Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos just to be sure as it is still very busy in the evenings. The restaurant is in a wonderful position with excellent views out over the Mediterranean Sea. Sunsets can be quite spectacular, especially with a bit (but not too much!!) cloud cover.

Bamboo terrace, Nerja
Bamboo, lamb chops

Dishes chosen included chicken in a strogonoff sauce, lamb chops, sole with rice, burger and for me, spicy Portuguese-style cod. It arrived with a jacket potato, a nice surprise, and then a couple of minutes later a lovely side salad appeared.

Bamboo, spicy Portuguese-style cod
Bamboo, spicy Portuguese-style cod, Nerja

It was a good-sized plate of cod in sauce, the jacket was nicely cooked and tasty and the salad was…well, suitably salady. It probably wouldn’t win awards for presentation, but taste-wise it was pretty good. In fact, everyone enjoyed their food and a couple even struggled to finish!!

Service was pretty good considering the number of customers, both for food and cocktails. The terrace is great, the view excellent and the general ambience very good. Several entertainers came along but a couple only managed one short song before going table to table for funds.

Overall, good and well worth a visit. Extra half point for location/view.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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