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Blue Passion Flower

    These beautiful flowers can be found throughout Nerja, including down by the Puente Viejo and in the grounds of Mena Garden cafe in calle El Barrio – nice place by the way.

    Passiflora Caerulea, the Blue or Common Passion Flower, is a vine native to Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil which can grow up to around 10 metres in length or to a height of 20 metres with suitable support.

    Blue Passion Flower, Nerja

    Bees love them

    Bees on Passion Flower
    Bees, Passion Flower
    Passion Flower and bees

    The fruit starts off green and then goes via yellow to orange and is edible, although apparently not very tasty. Certainly an intricate bloom with a lot of different colours and shapes.

    Passion Flower fruit, yellow

    The Passion Flower is the national flower of Paraguay

    Passion Flower fruit, orange

    Order: Malpighiales
    Family: Passifloraceae
    Genus: Passiflora
    Species: P. caerulea

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