Dulce Casa

I have long thought I must get to Dulce Casa on calle Mediterraneo, Nerja…and then Dulce Casa opened a second place on calle San Miguel, where Bella Julieta used to be, and then there were two I needed to visit.

Sunday, and I finally made it. Well, sort of. I scooted up to calle San Miguel and, lo and behold, it was closed/closing. I had checked online and it said it was open till 20:00. However, obviously not so, but you cannot count on everything you see online, of course.

Dulce Casa, Nerja

Never mind, back to the ‘original’ – I knew it was open as I had already scooted past it earlier. There are two places side by side, the tea-room and the restaurant, both with a good terrace area.

After a few, maybe five minutes I realised there was no terrace service in the tea-room, as did several others who plonked themselves down at the tables after me. I went inside and ordered a smoothie (had to locate a smoothie menu to give them the relevant ‘number’) and a Brasileña.

Smoothie and Brasileña

The smoothie was very refreshing and delicious and the Brasileña was very good and surprisingly substantial. Here is what it looks like inside…


I went inside to pay and there was another surprise in store. The Brasileña was more on the ticket than on its price tag on the counter. Only by €0.35, but still. So what was going on? There were no menus anywhere to double-check so, naturally, I asked. Apparently, the price you see on things – and they are all nicely ticketed – is for take-away.

I am not exactly sure how I feel about the place overall, despite the positives, especially after a long wait before visiting – and looking forward to it. No menus/price list, no terrace/table service in the tea room section…I suppose now that I know the ‘quirks’ of the place, future visits should provide few surprises. The pastry and the smoothie were certainly excellent, no complaints there.

I assume (nay, hope) the restaurant section is more ‘normal’, inside and outside on the terrace.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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