Getting to Nerja

Bus to Nerja

From Málaga airport to Nerja is about 60 kilometres and the cheapest, and relatively painless method of travel is the bus.


There are a number of ‘direct’ buses from the airport, varying in frequency according to the season/time of year. The bus stop is directly ahead when you leave the arrivals terminal. See the ALSA website for details.

Otherwise the choice is as follows:

Bus – Bus

Outside the arrivals terminal is the stop for the Express bus service to Málaga Bus Station, a journey which takes around 20 minutes and costs €3 per person.

Train – Bus

Málaga airport has a railway station not far from the main terminal, just follow the signs, purchase a ticket from the machine on the platform and enjoy a relaxing trip into the centre of Málaga. You want the C1 train, direction Málaga. The journey takes about ten minutes and the trains are very regular and on time. The stop is Maria Zambrano.

Get off the train, take the escalator (or stairs) and then when you exit through the ticket gates, turn left and continue in a straight(ish) line until you reach the side entrance to the Maria Zambrano/Vialia Centre. Cross the road and you are in Málaga Bus Station.

The bus to Nerja usually leaves from Stand 38, but first you will need to buy a ticket at the ALSA (the bus company) kiosk or from one of the ticket machines near the kiosk, you cannot pay the driver. There can be quite a queue for tickets, especially during the summer months, and the usual Window Law applies – the more people queuing, the fewer windows are operational. The cost is under €5 each way.

You can also buy tickets online via the ALSA website or with the handy, useful and easy to use ALSA App.

Note: If you decide to buy a return ticket, do specify a return date and time otherwise you will still have to queue to ‘validate’ your ticket before being allowed on the bus.


Option 1 is to grab a taxi from the rank at Málaga airport, but this can turn out to be a lot more expensive than booking a ride in advance, particularly with a Nerja-based company.

Option 2 is a Taxi Transfer and there are quite a few operators these days. It is by far the easiest and most comfortable way of travelling from Malaga Airport to Nerja and you get a private car, minivan or minibus, just for you and your party. A reputable company will meet you inside the official waiting area for taxi transfer drivers in arrivals at T3 at the airport. The journey time is approximately 50 minutes.

It is generally online booking and pay the driver when you arrive at your destination. for taxi and shuttle bus

Option 3 is a shared transfer. It is a much cheaper option but it can take a lot longer if there are a lot of pick-ups/drop-offs. (Nerja-based with a luggage storage service)

Bus to Frigiliana


07:00-8:00-10:10-10:50-11:40-12:45-14:00 15:30-16:30-17:35-19:30-21:00


7:20-9:45-10:30-11:10-12:10-13:30 15:15-16:00-17:10-19:00-20:30

No service on Sundays and public holidays

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