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How Difficult Could It Be?

    I had, on and off, been contemplating resurrecting an old pastime from many, many (and many, many more) moons ago and finally decided to go ahead. I did a bit of measuring to see where this revived activity could best take place. How Difficult Could It Be?

    Meanwhile, I ordered a dartboard (with cupboard thingy) and began to think (fantasize) about soon hearing the sound of ‘One hundred and EIGHHHHHHHHTYYYYY’ echoing around the place.

    Heavier than I thought it was going to be. Anyway, next job was to fix it to a wall or door. Wall, I decided, after a sudden vision of having just hurled a dart when someone (or, heaven forbid, the cat) suddenly opens the door and is promptly impaled.

    So where’s the drill? Had it forever. Nowhere to be found (so far) so needs must – a new drill. Another slight delay therefore. Eventually it was up, level and ready for use. Darts assembled, board set, correct throwing distance measured…and off. Treble 20 here we come! How difficult could it be?…

    Not even in the same postcode. First dart close to double 3, second out near double 6 and third in 11…Mmmm. Seriously, of course, after so long without hurling the old arrows, it was a minor miracle that I hit the board at all. Practice, practice, practice. How difficult could it be?

    Fourth dart of the session hit the floor and in a freak accident ended up with a broken shaft!! Luckily, the board came with two sets of darts and I wasn’t forced to abandon things after my first throw…Onwards and upwards. After all, ‘How difficult could it be?’…

    The first session ended up with a couple of (stray) darts ending up in the top half of the board, so I think I have answered my initial question…Doubles have become no problem…I just aim for the bull area and they seem to gravitate to the doubles. No rhyme or reason as to which doubles, although not in the top half of the board as yet. A lot more practice needed to be sure…

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