Kestrel by the River

Popping down to the river I found it to be drier than a dry bone and the undergrowth had been savagely cut back in places and I really was not expecting to see much at all. But then, to my surprise, something caught my eye in the riverbed. First thought was ‘probably a dove’ but almost instantly I saw that it was a female Kestrel.

I hadn’t even taken my camera out of the bag and was fully expecting it to fly off…but it didn’t and she happily posed for several minutes before flying off. Great stuff. The rest of the walk yielded exactly what I was expecting, nothing, but to see the Kestrel was well worth it.

female Kestrel, Nerja
female Kestrel, rio Chillar, Nerja

Eventually she went on her way…

Kestrel flies off, Nerja