Khasi Ko Jhol

Time to try out a home delivery from Goa Town as it has been a while since I sampled their delights. They were formerly located in small premises in calle Carabeo, where I was a frequent visitor, but they are now in calle Los Huertos, a much bigger site previously occupied by the restaurant Jaipur.

Khasi Ko Jhol, which I have never tried before, is described as lamb cooked with capsicum, tomato, onion, spices, ginger, garlic and a ‘special thin sauce’. I ordered pilau rice as the accompaniment.

What I had forgotten, however, was that you also get some popadoms and three pots of dipping sauces/spices added (free) to the order, just as if being physically in the restaurant itself.

I ordered an Indian beer – Cobra – as the liquid refreshment. It was €12.95 for the Khasi Ko Jhol and €2.95 for the pilau rice. The large bottle of Indian beer is on the pricey side at €6.95, but heyho.

Mild to medium spicy hot, some lovely flavours and textures – absolutely delicious. I haven’t, as yet (touch wood), had a disappointing meal at, or from, Goa Town. I cannot but give it the same score as when ‘eating in’…

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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