La Rienda, Nerja

The tapas bar La Rienda recently relocated to Plaza Garcia Caparros from their long time location of calle Chaparil. Not very far as the crow flies, or even as a human walks, around 100 metres maybe.

I only visited the original bar a couple of times, having been put off for a long time after my first visit when it initially opened. Leaving that experience in the past, I wandered down to the square to try out the new place.

La Rienda, Nerja

The location is pretty good, with the square giving the place more room for terraces and it gets a fair amount of sun. It is also better for anyone who takes kids with them as it is away from any road and associated hazards.

The interior tapas area is smallish and there is a dining area at the back. Service was reasonable, atmosphere not bad on first impression but the tapas were not exactly inspiring. Will try again to see if that is the ‘norm’ or not.

Overall, pleasant enough.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The square is named after José Manuel García Caparrós, an 18 year old Malagueño who was shot and killed by the police on December 4th 1977 during a demonstration proclaiming the autonomy of Andalucía.

José Manuel worked in the Victoria beer bottling factory in Málaga. While taking part in a demonstration during the transition to democracy after the Franco period, he was shot and killed.

His family spent many years requesting the Central Government to acknowledge that his death was an act of terrorism and in 2004, José Manuel García Caparrós was declared a ‘Hijo Predilecto’ (Son of the City) by the authorities in Málaga and was posthumously awarded the ‘Medalla de la Ciudad’ (Medal of the City).

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