Little India Home Delivery

I suddenly fancied a curry and opted for a home delivery from Little India (located in calle Los Huertos), which I have never tried before. Delivery was via Just Eat.

I chose a lamb jalfrezi (a stir-fried curry originating in Bengal) and it duly arrived around 40 minutes later – you get immediate confirmation of order plus an estimated delivery time plus notification when it leaves for delivery. Easy peasy.

It was certainly a large plateful and far more meat than I had expected. Great stuff. The meat was generally nice and tender, the sauce suitably spicy and tasty and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Not even a grain of pilau rice left on my plate.

Jalfrezi usually consists of a main ingredient such as meat, fish, paneer or vegetables which is then stir-fried and served in a thick spicy sauce that includes green chilli peppers. Other ingredients may include bell peppers, onions and tomatoes.

As a result, I have to give it:

Rating: 4 out of 5.
lamb jalfrezi

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