Lunchtime Snack in Hermes

Popped in to Hermes in Plaza de España for the first time, just for a lunchtime snack after scooting around town for a while and taking photos. Interesting.

I sat down, only a couple of tables occupied when I arrived but a few more people arrived later. There were a number of staff milling about on the terrace but, after five minutes, none had come to see what I wanted. Persevering, I eventually managed to catch the eye of one who nodded in acknowledgement. A few minutes later, a waiter arrived to take my order, noting it on his phone and departing.

Marisqueria Hermes, Nerja

A few minutes later, another waiter came along to ask me what I wanted…When I began to say I had already ordered, he read out my original order, entered it into his phone again and he too departed. Bizarre. It will come as no surprise that the first part of my order, a mango smoothie, was brought by yet another different member of staff. So, four involved so far.

Hermes, Nerja

I was halfway through my smoothie – waiting a short while then drinking very leisurely as I kept hoping my eats would arrive – when my croissant with ham and cheese arrived. It was brought by Number 2, the first one to take my order, rather than by yet another staff member – fortunately, as I think I would have burst into laughter otherwise.

The smoothie was very nice, the croissant was far larger than I was expecting and thoroughly enjoyable. The terrace is a good size with a reasonable view and the entertainment (the service) was amusing. I shall reserve full judgement until I have had something more substantial or visited again, but for the moment it will have to be:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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