Need For Speed

Panning with a shutter speed of 1/30 sec in an attempt to portray the concept of speed…and in black and white, which I think works quite well for these shots. Not everyone will agree, of course.

bicycle, bw, slow shutter 1
bicycle, bw, slow shutter 2

As an aside…Occasionally, in passing, I have wondered, and tried to speculate, what a particular implement was in the cutlery drawer in the kitchen, but then soon forgot about it and moved on. Strange thing.

bicycle, bw, slow shutter 3

As I said, never gave it other than a passing thought each time I came across it, and assumed it must have some great practical (or novel) use…or not

bicycle, bw, slow shutter 4

Then, I was in the kitchen making some sort of spaghetti concoction when a voice piped up, ‘Use the spaghetti spoon’. The WHAT?

bicycle, bw, slow shutter 5

I now know there is actually a ‘spaghetti spoon’ (actually proved to be quite useful!), but I was absolutely amazed that such a thing existed. Never, ever, in all my life, gave asking about/looking up the existence of such a thing as much as even a passing thought. That in itself is somewhat (understatement) surprising (and totally embarrassing) as I tend to look up or research almost everything…ah well.

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