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Parque de La Batería, Torremolinos

    Parque de La Bateria – Battery Park – is a fairly large, neat and well laid-out municipal park in Torremolinos, covering around 74,000 square metres and with a 9,000 square metre boating lake in the centre.

    Parque de La Batería, lake
    Parque de La Batería, Torremolinos, water feature

    The C1 ‘Cercania’ train stops at Montemar-Alto (one stop after Torremolinos itself) which is almost by the entrance to the park. There is also adequate parking near the park for those travelling by car.

    Avda del Carmelo s/n
    29620 Torremolinos

    The park is very neat and tidy, well laid out with well-maintained trees and shrubs, ornamental fountains and a number of artillery pieces from the 1930’s. The area is eminently suitable for those with mobility problems. The pathways are wide, up to five metres in parts.

    Parque de La Batería, cercanias train
    Parque de La Batería, Torremolinos
    Parque de La Batería, artillery piece
    Parque de La Batería, old artillery piece

    There is a 15-metre-high observation tower offering views out to sea, an exercise area, a cycle lane (of course), a running track, a large children’s play area and a stage where concerts and shows are held at various times throughout the year.

    Parque de La Batería, tree
    Parque de La Batería, Torremolinos, tree

    There are over 1,000 trees from 25 different species in the park. Note, though, that pets are not allowed in the park.

    Photo Gallery Parque de La Batería

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