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Pied Crow

    The Pied Crow, Corvus albus, is a widely distributed African bird species in the crow genus, about the same size as the Carrion Crow, with a distinctive white neck band stretching down to the breast.

    Pied Crow, Corvus albus

    The Pied Crow gets all of its food the ground and its diet includes insects and other small invertebrates, small reptiles, small mammals, young birds and eggs, grain, peanuts, carrion and happily takes any scraps of human food and fruit. So basically not really fussy when it comes to food.

    Pied Crow eating

    They can be quite noisy, especially when there is plenty of food about and they appear in groups. Interesting birds, though. These were at the beach where, amongst other things, fish heads had been discarded.

    Pied Crow on the beach
    Pied Crow
    Pied Crow flying

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