Pisa Cathedral

The Cattedrale Metropolitana Primaziale di Santa Maria Assunta; Duomo di Pisa – or Pisa Cathedral – was consecrated in 1118 and is the seat of the Archbishop of Pisa.

Pisa Cathedral

Construction began in 1063 and was completed in 1092, very quick by any standard as these types of buildings usually took centuries to complete. The original architect was Buscheto and, later in the 12th century, additional enlargements and a new facade were added by Rainaldo. Both are buried in the cathedral. The roof was replaced following serious fire damage in 1595.

Between 2015 and 2018, extensive restoration work was carried out on the interior cathedral walls and the dome.

The church houses the relics of Saint Rainerius, Patron Saint of Pisa, and it is where Pope Gregory VIII is buried. Behind the cathedral you can see the Campanile (belltower), or Leaning Tower of Pisa as it is usually known.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

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