Postcard from Manor Farm

I do enjoy wandering around farms such as Manor Farm where, not only do you get to see a lot of animals, but there are other things going on as well. Plus loads of special events throughout the year, particularly for kids, including feeding some of the animals.

cottage interior

At Manor Farm, I really enjoyed the 15th century farmhouse and wartime cottage. A great glimpse into a bygone era.

mangle and buckets
dining room

The farmhouse itself dates back to the 1400s and contains some fascinating rooms and objects, from old-fashioned mangles and horsehair mattresses to chamber pots, a full kitchen and medicine cupboard.


The wartime cottage depicts life during World War II and has taped windows, blackout curtains and an Anderson shelter. Inside the cottage is an old schoolroom with blackboard, slates, and a a dunce’s cap. A far cry from the schools of today to be sure.


There is, I would say, something for everyone. Animals, tractors, play areas, food and drink.

kitchen water
bath tub

Plus all the special events, especially for kids during the school holidays.


Thoroughly enjoy it every time I go.

sheep, Manor Farm

Pylands Lane
SO31 1BH

Manor Farm website

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