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Then and Now

    Firstly, we are talking ‘similar’ rather than ‘identical’ as I didn’t set out with this objective in mind, it was more a case of a ‘Mmm, might be interesting’ type scenario and explored after the event.

    The pictures in each block were taken on a similar date – on the left is from September 11th 2013 and on the right is from September 18th 2022. As it turns out, they were taken from ‘similar’ positions – luck. Had it been a predetermined idea then one would have, naturally, studied the original photos and calculated the correct shooting spot. But it wasn’t, so one didn’t.

    The main change in this first set is the change in colour of the decorative arch. And the flag has faded and become rather moth-eaten. Perhaps it was a little more impressive, for the want of a better word, in blue and white. Possibly a definite maybe on that one…

    In this second set, we can see that in the intervening years, the central palm tree has grown to be a bit of a ‘blocker’…

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