Rum Goings-on

In retrospect, I think my liking for the occasional drop of rum dates back to a trip to Barbados, home of some very good rums and rum punches. On the plane out there was a never-ending free supply of rum punch…

This was followed by trips to the Dominican Republic and Cuba, both home to some excellent rums. A bit of a hiatus followed – I tended to stick to certain ones when I did occasionally indulge, mostly Cuban – but I have recently begun to try some ‘other’ rums.

First up, a few months ago, was Captain Morgan’s Black Spiced Rum, and I must say it ticked a lot of boxes. Smooth, a hint of spice and very tasty as a ‘sipping’ rum. You wouldn’t want to spoil it with a mixer, heaven forbid. Heinous crime…Available at the Bodega at the junction of calle La Cruz and calle Pintada, Nerja.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Next up, when browsing the local shops for something different, I spotted Caribu Blackstrap Spiced from Venezuela. Having never tried Venezuelan rum before it was a no-brainer. Opening the bottle, one was immediately hit by a fairly strong, but not overbearing, aroma of spice. I have never experienced such an aroma before when opening a bottle, and was intrigued.

Caribu rum

The aftertaste lingers for a long time, as does the wonderful smell of the spice mix.

Smooth, dark, spicy..Definitely:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Available at the liquor store at the beginning of calle Pintada, Nerja.

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