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Slow Sunday Stroll

    A Kestrel flew over then settled on a high balcony to survey the scene for a few moments before departing. Bit far away really, but gave it a go.

    kestrel on balcony, Nerja

    Still a fair amount of colour about, particularly with things like bougainvillea…

    blue flower
    bougainvillea, Nerja, red

    Shame we rarely have any water in our river as it used to attract quite a selection of waders…

    Puente Viejo, Nerja

    Looks ripe to me…

    pommegranate, Nerja

    This collared dove was lurking in the undergrowth – well, thickly branched tree – but was quite happy to strike up a few poses. Looking left, right, up, down…Then, when he thought I had taken up enough of his time, he slowly got up and shuffled further into the tree.

    collared dove, Nerja

    Just a daily log entry…

    log, Nerja

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