Spicy Bro

Wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I ordered my Spicy Bro from Mahalo Poké (recently reopened in calle Almirante Ferrandis) – although I had seen vague pictures and a list of ingredients, of course.

Medium Spicy Bro and mango cheesecake…

Spicy Bro

The Spicy Bro contains cucumber, sushi rice, tuna, sweetcorn, jalapeños, spicy mayo, sesame and crispy onion. I also had a mango cheesecake (a cheesecake with mango chunks on top), which came in a glass jar. Price was €11.50 for the Bro and €3.90 for the cheesecake.

The bowl had some very nice flavours and textures with a nice spicy touch. Will definitely be trying some more of their offerings, either in or out. Might try the ‘large’ next time!

The menu is quite extensive and, in addition to set bowls etc, you can add all sorts of extras as well as start from scratch and build your own meal as it were. Could make it quite expensive, though, if you go overboard.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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