Tapas at La Tascita

La Tascita y Rincon de Sevillanos, as it is officially known, lies at the junction of calle Cristo/Almirante Ferrandiz and calle Gloria in the centre of Nerja. A very touristy area, of course, so prices generally a bit higher than the norm.

Interior of La Tascita, Nerja

An afternoon visit, so busy but not packed. The location is very good and there are a good few street tables and chairs as well as a sufficient number inside. At this time of year, outside is my favourite.

Tapas menu, La Tascita
beer and tapas, La Tascita, Nerja

I sat down outside and it wasn’t too long before I was noticed and my order was taken – a small beer (caña) and a pork strogonoff (Stroganoff de cerdo) tapas. There are 14 tapas on the menu.

Pork stroganoff

It seemed quite a long time, but it was maybe only 5 (or 10) minutes before a steaming hot strogonoff arrived. However, when my beer failed to arrive within a few minutes I had to remind them!

For my second tapas, Spanish omelette (Tortilla Española), the beer arrived first followed, a few minutes later, by the tapas. A great improvement.

Tortilla Española, La Tascita

It is a nice, albeit busy and touristy, area where you can happily sit and watch the world go by. The tapas are pretty good but the service left a bit to be desired. Beer with tapa (small caña) is €2.20, which one would expect for the area these days. Just a small beer the other day in Plaza Cavana, incidentally, set me back €3.00 which I found a bit OTT.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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