That’s the Ticket

Hoping to strike it lucky to fund the night out.

Buying lottery tickets

There are so many streaming services these days that, if you were to subscribe to them all to get your entertainment fix, you would probably be bankrupt within minutes. One of the disadvantages I find is that, as they all compete for your attention/wallet, they produce/serve up so much dross.

This is particularly the case with ‘in-house’ productions. There is the odd good one, but I’m finding that the ratio of ‘dross’ to ‘good’ is widening, and quite rapidly. Or am I just becoming more discerning? Could be. Actually giving up on a film or series used to be a rarity – a Yeti rarity – but I have found it to be quite a frequent occurrence lately.

Reviews used to be a good guide as to whether something was worth watching, but less so nowadays. The ‘critically acclaimed’ title has always been one to be wary of, a bit like ‘cult album’ in music.

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