The Odd Dipping of Toes

Although many were well wrapped up, there were quite a few people visiting Calahonda beach in Nerja. It was certainly a bit warmer (in the sun) but it would be hard to tell as clothing varied from thick coats, jumpers and beanies to thick coats, jumpers, beanies and shorts to plain old shorts and t-shirt.

Calahonda beach, Nerja

The glacially slow process of constructing a new restaurant at Calahonda beach rumbles on. The tender from Cielo de Montera SL has been accepted and the contract signed (€964,811.44 plus a €72,000 annual fee for 25 years), but still remaining are execution projects and their approval and the granting of a building license before any actual construction work can commence.

It looks like it is going to be quite a large two-storey restaurant. Once all the administrative and technical aspects have finally been approved, a quite standard four months has been set as the completion period. Considering it usually takes longer to change a municipal lightbulb, I would take this with several pinches of salt (would love to be proven wrong, of course).

Nerja, Calahonda beach
view out to the hills

Meanwhile, up on the Balcón de Europa…

highly visible

Always time for ice cream…

Ice cream time

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