Torre del Benagalbón Station

The old railway stations from a bygone era – 1908 to 1968 – are quite easy to spot as they are very similar in style, and this one in Torre de Benagalbón has the same hexagonal patterning as seen on other former stations, such as Torre del Mar (now the bus station).

Torre de Benagalbón station

I only discovered this one when I stopped scooting for some reason or other and noticed a side street down to the beach was called Carril de la Estación and I decided to investigate.

Many municipalities keep repeatedly asking for the construction of a rail service east of Málaga, whether this is because of public interest or, as is often the case, local authorities can usually make a lot of money (fees, licences etc) from any sort of construction projects. And it is also usually the case that many don’t appear to be in the slightest bit interested in whether such projects are actually viable, successful or, in the case of buildings, whether they are ever occupied.

Time will tell. Granted the former rail system was narrow gauge, but even so, if it was needed, useful and used, then surely it could have remained/been updated or whatever.

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