Torre Moya

The Torre Moya, or Torre Gorda (Fat Tower) in Benajarafe dates from the 18th century and was built to keep a lookout for pirates who were a constant threat to coastal towns. It is the largest tower along the Málaga coast.

Fat Tower, Benajarafe

This tower stands on a hill about 15 metres above sea level and immediately next to the N-340. It is a typical hoof tower, with a semi-circular front (normal) but with a more rectangular rear section. First one I have seen like this. I also had a rectangular pizza for the first time…

Fat Tower, Benajarafe 2
Fat Tower, Benajarafe 3
Fat Tower, Benajarafe 5

Views from Torre Gorda

Fat Tower, Benajarafe view
view to the sea, Fat Tower, Benajarafe

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