Woodchat Shrike

The Woodchat Shrike, Lanius senator, is a smallish bird which breeds in southern Europe, the Middle East and northwest Africa and spends the winter in tropical Africa. I spotted this one, a female, on open ground in the urban section of the rio Chillar in Nerja, close to the Puente Viejo bridge.

female woodchat shrike, Nerja

Growing to around 19 centimetres in length, the male has black and white upper parts, a chestnut crown and pure white underparts. Females and juveniles have brown and white upperparts are buff below.

woodchat shrike, Nerja

The main diet of the Woodchat Shrike consists of insects, with beetles being a particular favourite. However, they will also occasionally eat invertebrates…

woodchat shrike in Nerja
woodchat shrike by the river in Nerja

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