Yummy Yogurt

There have been many, and varied, businesses occupying the small units in calle Iglesia, the narrow cobbled street at the side of the church, and the latest is Yummy Yogurt.

Yummy Yogurt, Nerja

They don’t just do frozen yogurts in umpteen flavours, but also smoothies, coffee, various soft drinks and even mojitos and piña coladas. A few tables on the street – can be difficult to get them stable on cobbles! – from which to people-watch as it is a popular route to and from Plaza Cavana. Apart from it being fairly new, I was in need of refreshment so stopped for a smoothie.

I was fully intending to try the yogurts as they did look very good, but changed my mind and opted for a refreshing passion fruit smoothie. It did the job, so can’t complain.

Difficult to assess on just a smoothie so an ‘interim’

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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