Didn’t Get the Memo

Many coastal resorts have instigated bans on jumping or diving from rocky outcrops as accidents, often fatal, are not uncommon at all. Nerja Council amended their bylaws on the subject in January 2021 and fines of €751 to €1,500 were put in place.

At the time of the last fatality in Nerja, June 2022, there were no signs in place and no fines had actually been issued for this popular pursuit. Have to say that there have been far fewer lemmings this year.

diving in, Nerja
Rockjumper in Nerja

Like so many things, local and even national, they are not very well (if at all) publicised and it easy to fall foul of changes to municipal bylaws or, for example, DGT changes to motoring regulations. Not easy to keep up and, often, a lot of research needs to be done to find out what’s what.

Nerja rockjumper
jumping off the rocks, Nerja

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