Three Kings with Video

The Three Kings (Balthazar, Melchior and Caspar) have been and gone and the turnout for the various events, including the procession on the 5th, has been very good. On the 5th, people sat for hours on the Balcón de Europa waiting for things to happen.

Three Kings, Nerja

I did enjoy the fact that, this year, there was an absence of Disney characters in the procession. Always thought that was a bit weird. And there is no more hurling of millions of boiled sweets at lethal velocity, they are handed out, often one at a time, in a gentle manner.

Three Kings procession, Nerja

One of the Three Kings – not sure if it is Lord Melchet, Caspar the Ghost or Beelzebub

Three Kings, Nerja, procession

And a video of the procession…

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