Christmas Stuff

The Christmas lights in Nerja are due to be illuminated on December 9th at 19:30. On December 17th is the inauguration of the Belén Viviente de Las Protegidas (Living Nativity Scene).

On December 22nd in Plaza de España is the start of the Christmas Park (with snow) and the Christmas Market, while Santa will roam the streets on December 23rd.

  • Waiting For The Sun

    Waiting For The Sun

    Photos and a QuickVid of the sunrise on the Balcón de Europa this morning

  • Early Start

    Early Start

    An early start to watch the sunrise on the Balcón de Europa, Nerja

  • Dulce Casa

    Dulce Casa

    I have long thought I must get to Dulce Casa on calle Mediterraneo, Nerja

  • Broad-billed Roller

    Broad-billed Roller

    I only came across a solitary Broad-billed Roller and, as they often do, it was perched in a tree.

  • Khasi Ko Jhol

    Khasi Ko Jhol

    It was time to try out a home delivery from Goa Town as it has been a while since I sampled their delights.

  • QuickVid Mena Garden

    QuickVid Mena Garden

    A sudden impulse to grab a cold drink in relaxing surroundings and maybe a spot of lunch

  • New York, New York

    New York, New York

    It is iconic and seen in numerous films to add a certain mood. So, where does the steam come from that we see rising from manholes?

  • Flamingoes


    Most years there are groups of flamingoes that stop off at the mouth of the rio Guadalhorce in Málaga

  • Black-necked Grebe

    Black-necked Grebe

    These elegant birds are found in a variety of aquatic habitats across Eurasia, with their range extending from Western Europe to Asia.

  • Clocking In

    Clocking In

    Rosas clocks have been around since 1881 and adorn many monuments and buildings in Andalucia, including the belltower of the iglesia El Salvador in Nerja

There is always one ‘duty chemist‘ open 24 hours.
11/12: Calle Ruperto Anduez 11
12/12: Calle Carlos Millón 4
13/12: Calle Antonio Ferrandis 1
14/12: Chillar 2
15/12: Calle Antonio Ferrandis 4
09/12: Calle Pintada 48
10/12: Avda Castilla Perez 24

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